Airbrush Spray Tanning

Custom Airbrush Tanning


At Gold Dust Tanning we have a fully customizable Airbrush application. Not just anyone can do what we do! Our custom airbrush tan will leave you looking your absolute best.The solutions are all-natural and contain  no alcohol, oils, perfumes or potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives.  There is no denying, we all look better with a tan. Just not with the cumulative anti-aging effects of the sun (or the orange palms that result from self tanners!).Our  solution is a unique combination of natural bronzers and the approved cosmetic tanning agent DHA, which produce a natural-looking, instant tan that deepens in 8-12 hours.  You may choose to tan only your face, your chest, your legs...or everything... it's your choice. 

This service does require an appointment. During your appointment
You'll need to remove any jewelry before you tan. It's important to bring loose fitting clothes to wear after you tan. Tight clothes have a tendency to rub the solution off of your skin and onto your clothes leaving a spotty tan.

During the Tan... You may wear your bathing suit, your undergarments, or disposable underwear for women (which we have available), or women may choose to go nude. Sorry guys... you have to wear something! Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk fabrics during or after the treatment.

Helpful Tips Prepare for Sunless Treatment:

Exfoliate skin targeting dry areas within 24 hours prior to spray. It is important to remove dead cells for even coverage. Exfoliate lightly on delicate skin such as the face and neck.
Shave within 24 hours prior to sunless treatment. Shaving acts as an exfoliant, doing so after will prematurely fade sunless results.
Clean Skin of heavy beauty products. Including: lotion, sprays, make up, etc. Any product on skin will create a barrier.
Wear loose, dark fitting clothes. Solution will wash out of most fabrics except nylon and silk.
Prime Skin using Maximizer to balance and nourish skin for even, dark color. Prolong Sunless Treatments:
Moisturize daily, it's best if done with a Norvell® Tan Extender as it will nourish and refresh color.
Cleanse gently using a Sulfate-Free body wash like Norvell® Sunless Body Wash.
Stay cool, hot showers and overheated spaces will dry out skin causing color to fade or strip.
Relax and avoid sweat producing activities for 24 hours while DHA fully develops.
Skip the soaks, exposure to chlorinated or salt water can result in color fading.

Products to Use
The following list of products is recommended to extend the life of your Tan:

California Tan  -  Hempz  -  Mystic Tan  -  Alba  -  Arbonne

Products to Avoid
The following list of products have the potential to reduce the life of your AirBrush Tan:·         

Dove Soap & Dove Shower  -  Curel lotion  -  Wax hair removal  -  Anti-aging products 

Nair & Jergens can fade tan faster or turn it yellow
Retin-A products  -  Alcohol or Witch Hazel  -  Anti-acne products that exfoliate  -  Makeup remover
Body hair bleach products  -  Facial masks  -  Exfoliating scrubs 

The entire process will be explained to you when you come in for your custom tan. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your tan. 

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Mystic Tan

 Mystic is the first, the authentic, the leader in automated tanning and skincare technology. Millions of people have tried Mystic and now rely on us for our proven tanning and skincare results. Mystic created the UV-free, spray-on tanning industry in the late 1990's. Since then, thousands of spas, salons, resorts, hotels and fitness facilities worldwide, have provided more than 20 million sessions per year in their Mystic Tan™ booths. Today Mystic is the best known and the most trusted name in UV-free tanning.