Feeling self-conscious about the discoloration or yellow teeth?


A smile is one of the most important feature of your face, When you are proud of your smile, you tend to smile more, and it represents your level of confidence and mood. Beaming White is one of the best products on the market because it works faster and more effectively than white strips and it costs a fraction of what your dentist would charge.

 Options we Offer 

We offer the full service of three back to back applications of 20 minutes each. Which the system was designed to use all three applications to get the proper results. 

We also offer single 20 minutes trays. Simply place the tray in mouth nothing could be faster and easier for our customer.  


 The Beaming White System is a professional light activated teeth whitening system that combines fresh and strong gels with our high powered blue LED teeth whitening light. 


 Minerals Enamel Booster does not whiten teeth, however, it can help to keep a smile white. It's recommend to apply Minerals™ Enamel Booster to teeth after a teeth whitening treatment. Minerals is a remineralizing and desensitizing gel that contains fluoride, calcium phosphate, and potassium. It seals and strengthens tooth enamel and helps to alleviate minor tooth sensitivity.